generally what do you think..

Want to chat about dyno result or any other aspect of graphs/power/components....then post here!
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Few surprises fella!!
Craig H
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I have a imola with jl3 and 28 del and its not to far away from your post;)
Darrell Taylor
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there are still more to add which we,ll do as soon as suitable examples come in for dyno
so if anyone who has any of the following that are standard untuned versions that want a free dyno run in the doncaster area id like to run your scoot up as i say for free
i think Dan may offer the same but he,ll have to confirm?

for the small block

theres the 175 af kits
the sr 175/185/ally ebay kits
the gt186 kit
the mugello 186
rt kit

for large block

rapido 200
ts1 200
mugello 200
monza 200
casa 210
rapido race 225
rapido 250 race
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Yes that's right, anyone in my area with those kits wanting a free power run should contact me so we can add the graph.

Id like some vespa small frame stuff too.
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This is amazing and really interesting - really great work here!

2 things stand out as missing or to be improved from my, humble, point of view:

1. More smallblock combinations. What's the difference between the 186 and 200 for example?
2. More exhaust combinations for each kit. I loved the test of different exhausts in Scootering (which I believe you were behind). So what's the difference on a RB22 fitting a clubman, gore expansion, J3 or Franspeed for example? Exhausts are quite quick to change so this would be really helpful!

Again many thanks for this and keep up the good work!
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