General scooter chat, any scooter related non technical info.
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Is this form still live as nothing seems to be posted for ages
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It is indeed deathly quiet ..........................................................
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Apart the song title tread!
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you could try asking about 2t oil and what ratio is best; usually gets a couple of posts :lol:
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I noticed a real slide in activity on this forum when the ad bombing started - I visit here occasionally but spend most of my time on the LCGB forum which ticks along ok. Went on the smallframe forum a little while ago which used to be very busy but its like a ghost town now- even the admins haven't logged on for years.
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I agree there are too many ads, it makes the forum difficult to use as they keep popping up, I use the modern vespa forum mostly, it's US based are there any recommendations for UK based ones, not a fan of FB although will use it.
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i dont get adverts on here as i only access it via desktop/laptop and use ad blocker.
it seemed to go down hill when Dan left to join scootering mag(understandable as that probably took up a lot of his time). Both him and Sean we regular contributors and done some interesting posts .
imho was the best forum for advice /articles.
facebook was good but too many know it all`s and keyboard warriors now.
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