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A call from a mate...
R reg T5 classic
Bike starting and running fine but no lighting including indicators, instruments and fuel gauge. Horn still working
Checked bulbs, all blown except 1x front and 1x back indicator... But not working.

First thought regulator - had a spare so after a fight to get old one off replaced... Plus full set of bulbs fitted.

All indicators and back light working and front brake working the brake lamp but blew it straight away.
No headlight, side light or rear break working lamp.

Did a load if visual checks and not connected but repaired sleeving in harness at bars and light switch.

I then thought about back brake light switch...Stripped out pedal to find the switch completely melted and taking out about an inch of wiring.

Can only think switch has failed and been permeanently on causing the melt.

Waiting for new one.... But nice to have got the bottom of it.
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Good work Gaz, is the scooter ok now mate?
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