spaq front disc brake issue

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Mon Sep 10, 2018 9:33 pm

hi peeps i need some pointers/advise on a "spaq/crap" front disc brake i've renovated a gp and now reassembling it
i've got an issue with the front wheel not sitting central in the forks
before disassembly there was an issue with the brake not working properly the caliper was sticking and causing brake judder the disc has a strange wear pattern too
the slides in it were all gauled up i've now noticed that the caliper mounting plate isn't sitting parallel with the disc
also the new sip tubeless rim is about 8mm offset to the flywheel side of the scooter :( :( :(
has anybody had this ? if so what did you do to fix it
do i need another disc kit if so what are your recommendations ?
thanks in advance

Wee Marky
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Wed Oct 03, 2018 8:51 pm

Hey Cat, I had this with a ScootRS disc brake and although I had no judder it was not central in the forks, if you search the topic on Google there have been quite a few posts on this in the past on various Forums,
Most solutions that I found have cured it by using trying various thicknesses of washer between the Hub and link and then measure the gap each side between tyre and fork leg on both sides till its central.
This is exactly how I did it, just make sure you check every thing is fitted correctly first, hub, wheel rims and then trial & error with the washers until you get it correct

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