the real reason the vespa PX is no more

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Thu Jun 29, 2017 4:06 pm

having a natter with a mate who's Dad worked at Pontedera. he says that it was nothing to do with two stroke emissions why the Vespa PX was dropped.
he "said"
1. the drive by sound regulations favor autos where the revs are determined by the gear ratio. the owner holding revs in lower gears is a problem for
euro 6. and by extension the finite regulation of the emissions.
2. they lose money on every PX they build
3. the perceived threat from LML has gone away mainly and the PXalike Star has sort of died away.
(unsurprising given the rear light and horncast remodel!! why oh why OOOOOH WHY do the Indians think they can add style to models destined for Europe, just look at the way they dress at international airports, its gotta knock 50% of sales in Italy, i mean i couldnt live with it long enough to replace the nasty "upgrades")
just phone gossip but the chap was an engineer there for about 30 years.
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