Lambretta Carb Set-ups.....

Check here for a list of various carb set-ups to help with jetting and all aspects of carb trickery!
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Fri Aug 05, 2011 10:21 pm

Here's mine:

TS1 230.
JB Stage 2 work on barrel and casings.
60mm - 110mm Rod Corsa Crank.
70mm Super Monza Piston.
AF Recessed Head.
16/46 - 4.9 Drive.
Li 150 'box
MBD Inlet manifold with 5mm packer.
Franspeed Race Pipe.
AF/Surflex 6 Plate Clutch.
Mikuni TMX35 with:
300 Main
6 Slide
22.5 Pilot
58 Needle 3rd Clip from Top.

Dyno'd last week @ JB with 26 bhp at rear wheel.

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Thu Aug 25, 2011 8:54 pm

lammy ts1 225 standard
carb mikuni 35 tmx main jet 330, needle en11-55 on the 2nd clip and idle 2
franspeed race exhaust and a lightened flywheel with a bgm stator with a augusto 7000 unit
sx 200 gearbox
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Sat Sep 03, 2011 9:27 am

RB225 kit fitted
Barrel ported and matched to casings, crankcase welded to allow larger transfer ports,
NK Exhaust
35mm Mikuni Carb, 320 main jet, 57 needle (2nd clip) 22 ½ pilot jet, 1 ½ turns out air screw
Ignition 17 Degrees
AF Crank
BGM Stator
Indian Flywheel (AF Flywheel removed - causing engine to 4 stroke)
Foxhat 6 Plate Clutch
16 tooth front sprocket, 47 tooth rear sprocket

Dyno'd by Darrel @ 50cc tuning 30.5 Bhp

Happy Days

hope this helps anyone acheiving a reliable set up

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Mon Sep 05, 2011 12:46 pm

Set up:
Mugello 240
30mm Delly
Breathe sweet filter
50pilot was 60
x13 needle top clip
350 fuel valve
camlam fast flow
Mugello 225 Touring tune by chisel speed
70mm Ron Moss Avanti Piston (cut skirt by 2mm)
62mm full circle crank
Head reprofiled by Harry Barlow Proporting 1.3mm squish
Augusto 6000
BGM 80w stator
Af Light Fly wheel
Blue CDi
Ngk N9 Plug
48mm Ron Moss Avanti Exhaust.
19/46 on a GP200 box

Did have a 50mm gori on dyno'd at 22.3Hp @ reedspeed probably more like 18hp with Ron Moss pipe on but not confirmed.
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Mon Sep 05, 2011 1:53 pm

set up.
Classic Rapido 200
LI 150 gearbox
16X46 sprockets giving 4.9 ratio
AF 42 mm clubman
Dellorto 30 PHBH open mouth under full panel work
atomiser/needle jet AV266
main jet 122
float jet 300
X7 needle second clip
40 slide
55 pilot
choke 70
mixture screw 3 turns out
Indian static electronic ignition set at 16 BTDC
does about 50 mile on a full standard tank before going on reserve
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Thu Dec 15, 2011 11:51 pm

Engine: linx 200 , 66,4 old piston modified from 1984 tarabusi 3 rings :D :D :D
cleaned piston flashes , lateral lubrication holes ,
58mm AF crank -
0,8 mm gasket aluminio on head and 0,4 down cilindre
Transfers openend and raised to improve flow for up , exhaust port widenend , port admission polised + 1 port booster 6 mm wide
reeds-boox 2 petals
DellOrto 28+ filter-oiled
55 pilot / 128main / x7 needle 1ºclip down , Av266
fresco pipe + Exhaust insulating wrap
ignition electronic BGM 18º
flywheel normal ; fast flow
17x47 , clutch lightened ; 3% sintetic-repsol ; 4 Plate Clutch , surflex + spring reinforzed
wait 5 minutes to warm engine,,,,for heat to spark plug :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Mon Mar 12, 2012 2:28 pm


Has anybody tried anything else than standard slide 6 with TMX35?
I´ve problems with slide area but it´s maybe worn slide.

TMX 35
JL Curly
TS1 230 MBD

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Mon Apr 22, 2013 9:45 am

My set up - i run the same on my SX and GP

Barrel TS1 225 standard no modifications - casings matched to barrel
Head SIL modified by Chiselspeed
Carb Dellorto VHSB34 LD on MB manifold
Main 160
Needle K6
Needle Seat 300
Atomiser DQ267
Choke 60
Pilot/Idle B40
Air Screw 2.5 turns out
Restrictor on inlet drilled out

Gearing GP 200 with 19/46
Clutch 4 plate Surflex B with MB springs
Crank SIL Webs and RB rod kit
Exhaust SSC Taffspeed copy
Timing SIL stator, lighened SIL flywheel - set 19 degree

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Wed Aug 14, 2013 7:26 pm

I'm going to change carbs from the current Dell'orto 24mm to a Dell'orto PHBH 30MM

Main reason for the change is I'm looking at increasing the mpg from the current 24mpg and also the scoot will not run right on the current carb even though it used to but the slide does look worn as does the needle

The carb I'm looking at as the following:

145 main

45 pilot

60 choke

AV 262 Atomiser

40 slide

X2 needle

No float jet present but have been told a 300 will be okay

Gearing is 19/46 Indian GP200

Exhaust is an old style Mark Broadhurst Devtour

Any help will be greatly appreciated,are these jets etc okay,what clip should I have the needle?

Also it will be run without an air filter

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Wed Aug 14, 2013 10:56 pm

Main looks on the large side Red

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