Lambretta Carb Set-ups.....

Check here for a list of various carb set-ups to help with jetting and all aspects of carb trickery!
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Tue Jan 06, 2009 5:19 pm

Hi All,

Basically, the idea behind this thread, is that we invite all forum members to post the settings they are currently using on thier scooters, in order to develop a database of information, that can be used by all visitors as a resource for learning and setting up thier own machines.

Please get involved and supply as much info as you can, you never know, you may need to use the resource yourself one day!!

NOTE: Please don't ask technical questions or start discusions about carb settings within this particular thread, please start a NEW thread if you need to have a discusion. This particular thread is for settings information only.

So just add a reply below with your carb set-up and watch the list grow!


If you still can't find what you need, then open a new thread and ask for suggested settings, when the answers come in i'll add them to this list.
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Tue Jan 06, 2009 5:24 pm

Engine: rb22
Carb: tmx35 with foam uni filter
Set up: 22.5 pilot
56 needle 2nd clip (rich)
340 main (rich)
Timing: 17deg.BTDC to be safe
Exhaust: nk road for now , waiting for franspeed race

Engine: gp200 with SIL 200 or 210cc cylinder
Carb: 30 mil PHBH dellorto
Set up: 55 pilot
AV264 atomiser
X13 needle 2nd clip
125 main
Timing: 19 deg BTDC
Exhaust: JL exhaust (works with both JL3 & JL4)

Engine: Imola 186 kit.
Carb: THX 27 MM Mikuni, ran open mouthed.
Set up: Needle 5EL68-3
Pilot 20
Main 250
Power jet 60
Exhaust: ScootRS pipe.

Engine: Mugello 225.
Carb: TMX 30 mm Mikuni.
Set up: Needle 5EL68-3
Pilot 27.5
Main 240
Power 30
Exhaust: JL3 exhaust.
Ram air filter.

Engine: RB22
Carb: TMX35 open mouthed
Set up: 22.5 pilot (rich)
57 needle 2nd clip
310 main
Timing: 17deg BTDC to be safe
Exhaust: Franspeed Tourer

Engine: TS1 225.
Carb: Mikuni TMX 30 open mouthed
Set up: Needle 5EL68-3
Pilot 27.5
Main 280
Power jet blanked off
Exhaust: Devtour

175 iron barrel
scootRS pipe
Dellorto 25mm PHBL carb setup
53 choke
53 pilot
AQ262 atomiser
102 main
D22 needle (2nd Clip up)
I was originally running through a modified air box, but have now changed for a remote filter.
Mike (Dell Oughta)

Engine: RB22
Carb: Dellorto 34
Exhaust: NK Race Pipe
Carb settings:
175 main
45 pilot
60 choke
K24 needle (2nd clip from top)
266 Atomiser
300 float
Ignition 19 deg BTDC
Petrol feed to float bowl opened up - std carb body is D shaped - drill it out to prevent fuel starvation. Solder up the oil feed pipe too - don't just rely on the rubber cap these fall off and you'll end up running lean.

Engine LI 175 (iron barrel)
Carb 25mm dellorto
filter Ramair
Exhaust Clubman
Carb set-up
D29 needle
48 pilot
95 main
1.5 turns out

Engine: TS 230
Carb: Dellorto 32 Flat
Exhaust: Taff Race Pipe
Carb settings:
152 main
38 pilot
60 choke
K24 needle (2nd clip from top)
DQ266 Atomiser
300 needle float
Ignition 17 deg BTDC

Engine: TS 225
Carb: Amal 34
Exhaust: JL3
Carb settings:
340 main
35 pilot
50 choke
2D1 needle (2nd clip from top)
107 needle jet
Ignition 19 deg BTDC

Engine: TS225
Carb: Dellorto 30 Flat
Exhaust: JL3
Carb settings:
138 main
40 pilot
50 choke
K5 needle (2nd clip from top)
DQ 264 Atomiser
Ignition 18 deg BTDC

Engine 175 (iron barrel) St4
Carb 28mm dellorto
Exhaust Fresco
Carb set-up
AV260 atomiser
X13 needle 2nd clip
55 pilot
118 main
Ignition 19 deg

Engine RB225
Carb Dell'orto 34
Exhaust JL3
Carb Set Up
180 main
DQ 266 Atomiser
K21 needle (2nd clip from top)
40 pilot
70-100 choke
Only got it back yesterday so I've got to see how it runs

Engine: TS1 225
Carb: TMX35
Tassinari V-force reeds
Gravedigger inlet manifold
Exhaust: PM-tuning
Timing: 19deg
Ram-air filter
Pilot: 20
needle: 57 2nd clip
Main: 250

Engine: SR 190 [MBD Stage 5 tuned]
Carb: bgm PWK 28 with RamAir filter on GP elbow.
Pilot: 40
Needle; bgm one is marked "28"__it's possibly a JJH equivalent- mid clip
Main; 115
Timing: 18deg. Electronic.
Exhaust: AF Clubman 42mm
Run this for around 3000 miles so far. Run deliberately a touch on the rich side low down but purrs at tickover and will run flatout on motorway without problems. Occasional problems with spitback off the elbow but only when hot starting

Engine TS230
Exhaust MB3(old but works well)
Dellorto 34mm Flatslide
Main Jet ........ 170
slow running......40
Not quite run in yet but seems good.

Engine: sil 200 stage 4 inlet and exhaust matched
Carb: Mikuni tm24 remote filter with ram-air
Set up: 15 pilot
5n13 needle 2nd clip
180 main
Timing: 17deg.BTDC
Exhaust: JL3

Engine: RB22
Carb: TMX35mm Mikuni
Set UP:
Pilot: 20
Needle: 58 middle clip
Main: 310 (slightly rich)
Exhaust: PM Fat Mamba
Tested on Dyno,400 miles Rally round trip on motorway,CHT gauge.

Engine: RB22, MB Alpha crank, 60 x 110, matched crankcase to barrel, 3mm packer, Harry Barlow head. BGM stator, Agusto 8000, MB lightened flywheel, GP200 Italian gearbox, 19 / 46
Carb: TMX35 open mouthed
Set up: 20 pilot
58 needle 2nd clip from bottom
310 main
Air screw 1/2 turn out from full in.
Timing: 17deg BTDC
Exhaust: Franspeed Tourer

Engine: Mugello 186 Mk1, cases matched to the transfers and manifolds matched to the ports.
Carb: OKO PWK 28/36 with foam remote filter on GP bellows
Set up: 34 pilot
Needle: GJH top clip
138 main, arrived at after burning holes in first 2 pistons with smaller jets.
Timing: 18deg.BTDC but will try 17deg when I get round to it (Standard Indian electronic setup.
Exhaust: Sito Ancilotti.
Now runs clean through all the gears with some slight 4 stroking when the throttle is backed off.

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Wed Jan 07, 2009 1:24 pm

Engine: Mugello 186 v2
casings matched, ports enlarged & tidied, but port timings not altered
Carb: VHSA28
130 main
53 pilot
K21 needle, top clip
DQ260 atomiser
airscrew 1½ turns out
350 float needle, mod done to fuel inlet
Timing: 17° BTDC [conservative, but pinked if any more advanced]
Exhaust: 80s Mikeck
have tried various combos of mains, needles, pilots etc, the biggest single gain was replacing the DQ262 atomiser ; still faffing about a bit, but this is certainly rideable

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Mon Jan 26, 2009 7:30 pm

Engine: TS1 230
Cylinder shortened 1.7mm to 125deg transfer timing
60mm AF crank - pin welded
2.2mm Packer between cylinder and head
Transfers openend exhaust port widenend
Casings matched
Yam reedblock, boysen 2 stage reeds
Mikuni 35mm TMX no filter
20 pilot / 300 main / 58 needle, middle clip
Taffy Mk IV road pipe + EGT
Static timed to 19deg
Lightened flywheel / nylon fan
22bhp / 18lb @ 6400rpm
GPS 82mph on flat road in Series 1 full frame.
Soon to add Agusto 7000 & V-force reed block & replace Asso piston for MB Racetour.
This set up pulls like a train, 82 on my Garmin GPS in a series 1 frame and I'm 15 stone. Been built for over 2 years and done several thousands of miles, been to Euro Lambretta Germany + many other euro rallies and UK events without missing a beat :D (Now guaranteed to blow up next time I take her out! :oops: )
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Wed Jan 28, 2009 3:30 pm

pretty standard one here but it works well and may be of interest to those who like to keep things simple

innocenti LI150 barrel rebored with 175 conversion piston
casa replica standard pipe
opened out air scoop

22mm jetex - jetted as per 200 with a 125 main jet

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Sun Feb 01, 2009 4:34 pm

Set up complete so might help someone out.(MB Spec)

Stock 200 SIL motor
25mm Dellorto PHBL
Casa inlet rubber and K&N (upright)
RScoot exhaust
Main Jet 102
Idle Jet 50
Slide 40
Needle D26 clip 2nd from top
Atomiser AQ264
Air screw 1 1/2 turn out

After a bit of fettling and advise from MB seems to be spot on now 2nd kick choke for 2 mins then purrs good throttle response and quick off the mark running slightly rich as running new engine in, have to see if changes needed after more miles on the clock.
Ricspeed, gone but never forgotten RIP my friend #59

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Wed Feb 11, 2009 11:03 pm

Tmx 30mm, ram air filter
standard needle 2nd clip from top
22.5 pilot
280 main
pm tuning pipe
set up on Diablo Motos' dyno

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Sun Feb 15, 2009 3:01 pm

Mugello 200, Varitronic, Tino Sacchi Ancillotti
Mikuni tm 24 running through Ramair:
Pilot: 15
Needle: 4dh7
Main Jet: 155

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Sun Feb 15, 2009 11:03 pm

SIL 200 Stage 4 (factory setting)
Jetex (bored out to 26mm)
125 main jet
47 pilot jet
11/4 turns airscrew
Standard Fixed manifold reamed to 25mm
42mm KBA Clubman exhaust

Inlet and exhaust ports smoothed out, manifold matched to inlet/ exhaust port matched to manifod/U-bend.

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Sat Feb 28, 2009 4:35 pm

Engine: RB24,
MB Alpha crank 60 x 110,
Racetour 71mm piston, JB Modified.
BGM stator,
Agusto 8000,
MB lightened flywheel,
GP200 Italian gearbox,
19 / 46
JB 6 plate clutch ( 5 plate slipping after 300 miles at full throttle)
JB Tuning barrel, JB head, JB Inlet, JB modifed crank case,
Carb: TMX35 open mouthed
Set up: 20 pilot
58 needle 2nd clip from bottom
290 main
Air screw 1/2 turn out from full in.
Timing: 16deg BTDC, Fully retarded
Exhaust: Franspeed Race pipe
DYNOED 27/02/08
34.3 BHP
24.9 Lbs/ft
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