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Thu Oct 15, 2020 7:03 pm

Has anyone had a massive ‘euro-millions’ windfall & purchased a Smart Carb as shown on SIP TV?

Big bucks to one side I’m actually interested in their effectiveness, ease of setting up & whether they might afford an additional safety buffer against heat seizures due to pure jetting etc...I wish I could be smug & tell you I’ve never had a seize but then I’d be fibber! (too much tweaking when tweaking wasn’t needed, ‘Scooterboyitis’ I think it’s called, when it seems like a good idea to throw all knowledge & rationality out of the window).

It’s the fine line between max power & too lean that I’m specifically thinking of & whether the Smart Carb negates the need to ‘richen’ the mixture to be safer rather than sorry! Maybe a Smart Carb is more efficient & could improve the longevity of the life of whatever setup you have, give better mpg’s, no expensive rebuilds all of which could prove to be cost effective over time!

I don’t race scooters & prefer a more rideable touring tune but I’m always keeping an eye at CHT’s when WOT & in the main jet range, I’m not totally at ease unless I‘ve got the tiniest bit of boggyness (richness) to keep the temp down!

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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