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Wide tyre questions

Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2019 9:50 am
by pheasant plucker
Hi all. Thanks for any help you can give me with my first post. I have asked this question on the SIP forum but had no answers yet... ... 35623.aspx

I am customising a VBB into a street racer - P200, PK fork/discs etc... Hoping to go wide tyre (as wide as possible while still being affordable and sensible). I like the idea of tubeless. Was thinking SIP Tubeless Wide Tyre Rims. 3.00-11" (Art.No. 83048000) with 130/70-11's for the rear and 2.50-11" (Art.No. 83058000) with 110/70-11's for the front. Plan on using Jockey's Boxenstop Serie Pro Engine Mounts (Art.No. 17474200).

I have a few questions about this setup, and if there is a 'better' setup.

I like the idea of maximising wheel diameter. Almost 12" without the $$$ conversion. But going 11" seems to severely limit tyre options. It seems the Heidenau K61 or K62 and the Meztler ME 7 Teen are the only options (130/70-11). No ContiTwists in 11". And it seems the Metzler doesn't come in 110/70-11" so that really only leaves the Heidenau tyres? Unless I go 10" on the front with 3.50-10" tyres. The SIP article for the 3.00-11" rims (Art.No. 83048000) states, "Because of its wider rim width we recommend the use of a 2.50-10“ SIP tubeless rim at the front." Does anyone know if there any issues with the 2.50-11"? Will there be be issues with fitting a hugger on those 1.5cm radius bigger tyres? Perhaps the 2.50-10" rim is a better option on the front for these reasons?

I see the 10" SIP Tubeless Wide Tyre Rims have been discontinued (81048000)... Why was this? Seems I need to solve the problem at 11" if I want tubeless (which I do). I also note the catalogue hasn't been updated with the 11" version.

Any other comments or suggestions about this setup welcome. Thanks =)

Re: Wide tyre questions

Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2019 12:14 pm
by l111amo
Won’t side tyre on rear catch on the clutch housing

Re: Wide tyre questions

Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2019 12:22 pm
by pheasant plucker
l111amo wrote:
Sun Jan 13, 2019 12:14 pm
Won’t side tyre on rear catch on the clutch housing
Not meant to. Many kits have spacers for the hub to shift the wheel away to the left. Cut the engine mounts to move it all (mostly) back in-line to the right. The SIP tubeless wide tyre rims are machined so they don't need a spacer.

I've solved one of my questions tho. Re-did the calculations. A 110/70-11 for a 2.50-11 rim has the same diameter as a 100/90-10 (~3.50x10) for a 2.50-10 rim. The 11" setup is 10% wider and has 15% less sidewall. (But is also offset 4mm left). Also, the only tyre that comes in 130/70-11 and 110/70-11 (also 100/90-10 and 3.50x10) is the K61. Guess it's not a bad only option...


Re: Wide tyre questions

Posted: Thu Apr 18, 2019 11:13 am
by Scooterindo
I am using a similar set upon my scooter with the 11 rear SIP conversion rim. I have opted for the Pirelli SL26 tyres which are a lovely compound in this Asian heat. They are available in both 10 inch for the front and the 11 inch for the rear. Like you my scooter OCD don't allow for mixed rubber.

Re: Wide tyre questions

Posted: Sun Aug 18, 2019 7:04 am
by pheasant plucker
For what it’s worth. Sorted the above setup with K61’s front and back. 130/70-11 rear and 110/70-11 front. Tried a few options on the front - all are offset to the left (including 3.50-10s) which is because of the PK fork I believe. The 110/70-11 minimizes the apparent offset because it is less of a % of total - perhaps just an optical illusion but I’ll take it. Flagged the hugger and instead spent a vast amount of time fitting the VBB guard (total pitfa). Finishing the dry build - so yet to actually ride this setup. Will update when I have.