Pwk ballpark jetting?

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Mon May 06, 2019 4:51 pm

pwk copies are best left alone as they are shite, some work some dont, invest yr money on a proper keihin pwk, the 28mm ones come off yam rd's of which you need the right hand one
try allens performance as they have loads of stuff for keihin carbs and the carbs themselves.
keihin main jets are the same sizes as dellorto carbs which go on hole size, the beauty of a genuine keihin is they are really easy to set up, the needle sizes are good too in respect of the next leaner/richer needle is only 1 letter unlike dellys which seem to be random, ie the next richer needle from an x2 wont be x3.
my mate had a lammy that was exactly the same, a c**t to start but when started ran not to bad, sell the carb and get a proper keihin

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