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lambretta adjustable length rear shocker

Posted: Wed Jan 13, 2021 9:49 am
by holty
hi, i am building a case induction engine for a friend of mine and i have a carbone rear shocker that measures 330 mm between the eyes, this moves the engine case far enough away from the frame to allow the chosen reedblock to fit, (it also has offset cones) i just wondered if anyone knows of another shocker that is adjustable in length or is 330mm in length, thanks in advance,

Re: lambretta adjustable length rear shocker

Posted: Sat Jan 16, 2021 1:11 pm
by Warkton Tornado No.1
The better 'rebuildable' rear shock absorbers usually allow for some adjustment in length by virtue of the lock nut beneath the top eye, but you should be cautious on ensuring enough thread engagement. I would say 1.5 x D minimum.

So, besides Protech that you already know about, there is Gaz, if you can find one. I have three in my garage & think they are alright as a 'no nonsense' straightforward product. They seem fairly robust & the preload is adjustable.

I've had a SII in for work that had the shorter Protech SIII shocker fitted so it looked like a dog tobogganing to get rid of Tatlocks to my eyes.......would Protech build one slightly longer for you? I'm not sure that Gaz bother with us lot anymore....

I've got a BGM as well though can't remember dismantling.

TBH on a road bike a 'long' (well, longer than it should be @ 325 mm) SII rear shocker gives great handling IMO. I don't know how come some are/were longer but it happened somehow.

If I get the chance I'll dig out a NOS spare & measure it. I'll look out the spare Gaz one as well. Mind you, I might just freeze to death in that garage, so give the Red Cross a tinkle if you don't hear back :)