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Mon Sep 21, 2015 1:11 am

mick1 wrote:I thought stainless rims were more prone to cracking ? might be wrong but seem to recall issues a few years ago.

Stainless is stronger but is more "brittle" (might be wrong word ?) than mild steel, the rigidity of the stainless could be a tributary factor in it developing stress cracks..................just my thoughts

Hi. Just to be clear on this one issue as it comes up regularly yet is still to this day always surrounded by scary but inaccurate posts, recollections and rumors.

ScootRS have never had any stainless rims ever crack. Zero. None.

In fact, no Lam/Vespa stainless rims have ever cracked that we know of (EXCEPT for an exception below). For ex, Scooter Center does some too. To squelch another inaccurate post that pops up, the stainless steel used on those rims sold in Germany is exactly the same as the stainless steel used for rims made in Asia. SS is graded and sold internationally. There are no secret formulas.

The exception: years ago a few rims from the local Vietnamese market sold by another name in Vietnam cracked. Too thin or wrong stainless. Apparently only a few but being of questionable origin Scootering did an big warning on them (believe that's the one Sticky managed to slip in a nasty sidebar warning against ScootRS as well, even though absolutely unrelated except that we make rims too; that was a good one that of course added to public confusion as he no doubt intended - you don't see warnings about other pistons available when another MB piston fails). And again to squelch an inaccurate post that pops up: no, they were not all made at the same place as some have insisted before for no coherent reason. ScootRS make their own rims in house.

So, apart from that you have only ever heard people posting that they think they heard, or they should of heard, or will hear, but never actually have heard anything.

They've actually been phenomenal, customers love them, which is why it really has been a terrible disservice to scooterists when Scootering has acted irresponsibly like that while somehow forgetting to warn about close-to-home items with multiple dozens of failures that actually could add up to a serious incident.

In summa: I wouldn't worry at all about the ss rims being sold today given they've been sold now for many years with basically 0% failures.

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Mon Sep 21, 2015 6:03 am

Here we go again

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Mon Sep 21, 2015 6:58 am

Oh s**t, can a moderator now lock this post please

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Mon Sep 21, 2015 8:01 am

Randall has spoken so it must be right.........................
Scootering since 1968.

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He really is a prick...can't you just save the grief and block him.

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Whoah,thats a bit strong.

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There was a point in there somewhere. :lol:

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