Your First scooter /first car ?

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Wed Sep 07, 2016 7:50 am

My first scooter was a GP 200 Electronic that I bought for £30. Me and a couple of mates started getting interested in the mod thing in 1984 and one of them said there was an old Lambretta round the back of the working mens club in our village so i went to have a look. Sure enough it was a very rusty red 200 electronic that obviously hadn't turned a wheel in years, I banged on the door and asked if I could buy it. No p155 off was the answer.
I tried 4 or 5 times over the next six months or so and the answer was always the same. Then as fate would have it I banged on his door on the right day. He had just passed his car test that day (even though he was an old bloke) and was pleased as punch so he said I could have it for £30. I was only 15 and didn't have £30 but somehow I scrapped together the money and went back and bought it.
He told me he bought it used several years before in Bedford and rode it the 20 miles home to where we lived and it scared the s**t out of him. He had only had a Puch Maxi before and it was too much for him. So he got home and threw it against a wall at the side of his house (didn't even put it on the stand) and that was where I found it still leaning on the gear change grip and clutch lever.
I knew nothing about Lambrettas and managed to destroy both the petrol tap handle and choke leaver because I thought they were panel release handles. I ended up using a screwdriver to prize the panels off because I had no idea what I was doing. I could have used Stickeys book back then!
I traded it in as part payment for a used PX 125 at Regent Street Garage in Kettering about 3 years later.
My first car was VW Beetle that had a skateboard wheel for a accelerator pedal.
Those were the days! 8-)
Slow is the new fast!

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Wed Sep 07, 2016 10:16 am

My 1st car was a 2 door Mk 2 Escort 1.1 popular in Daytona yellow.
I de-chromed it, stuck on short bumpers and stripes on the bonnet to make it look more sporty :oops:

1st scooter was RVL753W a P125X which I bought from my Uncle. 1st time I'd ridden a scooter was when I went to collect it from his house in Lincolnshire and rode it home to Uttoxeter. I loved it and rode it everywhere - often chose to ride it to the Poly in Stoke rather than take the train.
I eventually sold it to Norman and Birch in Hanley for £350 to fund a plane ticket to Detroit in about 1987.

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Wed Sep 07, 2016 10:48 am

First scooter was a bright orange 150 Super (GWO 78N) bought for 40 quid of a fireman who lived in the middle of nowhere. Was probably late 1979. Took me about two hours to get there on various buses and I then realised I hadn't taken a helmet. Not wanting the hassle of more long bus rides, and being impatient to get hold of it, I borrowed the chap's daughter's horse riding helmet on the proviso that I send it back to him. It was like one of those things worn by people out fox hunting and was sized for a ten year old girl so just sat on the top of my head. I had to hold it on as the strap wasn't long enough. It kept falling off as soon as I let go to change gear so I had to use a bungee it to keep it (almost) on.
Stopped half way home to snap a bit off the rear badge so it read '50 Super' as I'd already informed me mum that I could ride a moped at 15. She never could work out why it looked so different to my mate's 50 Special. I'd never used a petrol pump or mixed in oil, so for the first two or three months I used to ride 5 miles to a garage where an old bloke filled it for you. It had one of these 2 stroke oil dispensers and he'd give it a squirt of oil as he put the petrol in.
I knew a chap who sprayed cars and he gave it a lovely blue mirror flake paint job. It sparkled so much when the sun was out that I reckon it could have given you an epileptic fit. I remember going round to check on the progress and his old man always seemed watching snooker on a 14 inch black and white TV with a clothes hanger for an ariel. It was impossible to work out what was going on. A school-mate's Dad was an upholsterer so I ended up with a blue dralon king and queen seat. It was made and filled like an armchair and was far too big and It sat me up around six inches higher.
Rode the Super around gradually becoming legal in stages, until I was 17 and took my test on it. I'd never used the front brake, so on the way to the test I thought I'd better practice the emergency stop. Jammed on the front brake which promptly locked the front wheel, sending me and the scooter rolling down the road. I dusted us both down, bent back the leg shields, remembered to buy some L plates from the the petrol station and carried on to the test. I was rather more respectful of the front brake during the emergency stop. I remember the look on tester's face as he looked at the battered scooter, the suspiciously new looking L plates, my ripped donkey jacket and bloodied knee. Looking back, I reckon he just felt sorry for me and told me his 'I used to have one of these in the 60's' story as he wrote out my pass certificate.
I sold it in around 81 and got a P2 (BRW965T) from Moto-Continental in Brum who then fitted a Pinasco 225 kit. That was a good scooter, tho I eventually killed the engine on the M6 going (I think) to Morecambe in 84-ish. I saw the Super again about six months after I'd sold it, in Scooterama on the Warwick Road. It was matt black and had been chopped to within an inch of it's life.

First car was an aqua-marine N reg. Hillmann Hunter which I named Chuck. It had a blue vinyl roof, imitation wood sticker trim on the doors and the dash and beige nylon seats. The static from the seats used to give me an electric shock every time I touched the metal door handle to open or close the door.

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Wed Sep 07, 2016 3:00 pm

1st scooter was a Lui 50 in 1978. We used to take it over the local fields, made a ramp & used to do jumps on it. That is until Mick Briggs snapped it the fat sweaty bast@rd.

Bought a crap Li125 in 1980, couldn't afford to repair it, got fed up pushing it & along with an old wooden garage & my mum's old Triumph Tina went in a skip 6 months later.

First car was a Mini, sliding windows & wire to open the doors, drove it around until I got stopped by the old bill one evening, they never asked me for my details thank christ, cos I never had any. Passed my test & got a MKII escort estate in beige. :|

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