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Helpful Adrian Flux/AKA bikesure on car windscreen

Posted: Tue Aug 07, 2018 8:26 am
by warts
After some asshole nearly colided with us - fortunately he manages to swerve out of our lane before showering the car with large gravel. Result two huge "bullet" marks on the windscreen, and a growing crack.
The Adrian Flux HQ was about a mile away, so I thought it might save some paperwork and time on the phone, I dropped in. Our "new" policy requires notification within 24 hrs.
A picture of helpfulness. We had no details with us. They called up our details and agreed every thing should be covered.
They suggested we use their phone to ring the windscreen people. Actually they rang, gave all the basic info and all I had to do was answer the security questions.

Pat asked as we were leaving if we had a dash cam or could remember the reg no, - unfortunately no. She said if we could id the vehicle, they would pursue them for our screen excess and the two damaged pollution exemption stickers.
Cheap dash cams? Probably in our future.

Awaiting the fitter on Thursday. Hopefully the tinted, heated screen will be OK

Anyway, a great deal of help and support so far from Adrian Flux.

Re: Helpful Adrian Flux/AKA bikesure on car windscreen

Posted: Tue Aug 07, 2018 9:27 am
by Barry@Bikesure
Hi there,

Thanks for the message and I'm glad that visiting our office and in particular chatting to Pat has resulted in your windscreen being able to be replaced.



Re: Helpful Adrian Flux/AKA bikesure on car windscreen

Posted: Fri Aug 17, 2018 7:18 pm
by warts
Just to finish off the story (for now), The appointment with National Windscreens came and went, as it was p1551ing down all day and they had no pop up.
A phone call saw another date, this time on Monday (also promising rain) so arranged at the Kings Lynn depot.
On Sunday, received a text saying some one would arrive Monday morning and fit at home. A it of a phone around resulted in the consensus of three different call centres saying go to KL as per original arrangement. At 8-30am. So an early start (for someone retired) and an expected hassle through rush hour traffic. At least the A10/A17/A47 bit.
So Monday dawns, hardly any traffic so we arrive 1/2hr early.
Screen out, screen in. Electric heating elements all connected, rain detectors and auto dip function all connected. Even the tint matches.
No damage or scratches to body work - the two guys worked well and fast - we were out on the road in an hour, with cautions to take it steady (on Norfolk roads a bit optimistic).
I had read about low quality after market screens so was pleased to note the new one was a Saint Gobain, so at least a major OEM provider.
So far, looks great - no obvious distortions, and the heating wires are not noticable at all, but will have to wait a few months to test them.
Likewise, have not had a chance to drive in bright sunshine with my polarised glasses to see if there is any extra patterning.

So thanks again to Pat and her crew at Adrian Flux, and the team at National Windscreens Kings Lynn.