Lamda v Afr on home brew load dyno

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Fri Apr 29, 2016 9:37 am

After acquiring an absorption dyno some time ago, which basically provides resistance by air to give load on the unit and measures true road mph, if its over geared and doesn't have the power the speed will not increase unlike inertia dynos. I also have one those for development work.
I've now added a 3rd party fuel cell to it with Bosch 4.9 wideband sensor and was curious of opinions on the advantages of afr v lambda ?
As afr is a calculation from lambda dependant upon fuel used i wonder why most use Afr for measurement ?
From my research it seems most afr gauges are calibrated at 14.7 : 1 which is stoich for normal fuel, however stoich of E10 unleaded is 14.1 : 1
Lambda is always 1.0 for all fuel, above lean and below rich for all.
For me its a back up to prove its right and identify running problems as i prefer to set up by how it feels, listening and visual methods which ive proved correct on independent dynos with gas analysis

Cheers Sash

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