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Standard Cylinder Kit Combinations

Posted: Thu May 17, 2012 9:11 pm
by drunkmunkey6969
After a conversation with Darrel from 50cc Tuning, we decided it would be a good idea to collaborate and provide the forum members and guests with what we believe to be the UKs largest online collection of Lambretta and Vespa dyno graphs, all in one section. In this particular thread we have a growing archive of graphs relating to completely standard cylinders and kits, as they come from the factory/shop. The pipe/carb/crank combinations show the most popular ones we see in our garages, for the average customer. The idea here is to give everyone an idea of what the average scooter rider might expect to see in terms of power if they simply buy a kit/carb/pipe combo and bolt it on. Of course there are many other variables that can come in to play, such as who built the engine, deck height, comp ratios, squish, ignition timing and so on, but this at least gives all our forum members and guests a ball-park figure to start from.

Please see the topics for our growing list of graphs, all show RPM at the bottom/horizontal axis (0-10,000rpm) and BHP/Torque at the side/vertical axis (0-30bhp/ft-lbs). And the Scooterotica based graphs show the actual curve for each machine as BHP on the Red line/curve and Torque on the Blue line/curve, just to make it easier to read. These are all 3rd gear runs.

Please feel free to discuss the graphs and results in the 'dyno chat' section of the forum, and post your own graphs in the Vespa/Lambretta dyno graph sections.

All graphs supplied by myself, Dan @ Scooterotica Dyno Tuning & Engine Services and Darrel Taylor @ ... ile&u=2041.

Thanks 8-)

More graphs to follow, we intend to add some more Vespa/small frame graphs as soon as we get chance. Thanks to all involved. 8-)

Re: Standard Cylinder Kit Combinations

Posted: Mon Dec 10, 2012 10:59 pm
by drunkmunkey6969