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Wed Apr 01, 2020 12:10 am

hi all, i believe i have to introduce my self before i ask the 1.2 million questions i got, ok here goes my main fault is i talk too much which will become evident now, what got me into scooters was i think... i was aged around 14/15 i was standing in a street near me with a group of mates, the street must be around half a mile long and straight when scooters started appearing at the bottom, we stood open mouthed as these scooters drove past us and started to disappear round the corner at the top of the road only to be replaced by more turning into the street at the bottom there must have been a 100 or more it seemed to go on forever, it was like an army going past, i have never seen anything like it or since! we all had to have scooters! our scooter of choice the one to have was the vespa 50special we all got before we hit 16 we could not wait! when we did hit the magical 16 armed with our L plates and 50 specials our first ride out was to towyn north wales which from where we were near wolverhampton is a fair journey on a 50 special plus we could not go on the motorways ans some of those hills are steep! i can remember a vicar on a push bike overtook us on the uphills but we had him on the downhills! when we hit 17 we went for the biggest engine we could have on Ls for me it was a primavera 125 (which i wish i still had) then tests past we moved on to the P200s, it was vespas all the way for us lambrettas were just way to unreliable for us, even though i liked the look of em with there million and one parts compared to our vespas with what 25 parts? they were not just worth the hassle! oh and i thought they looked better without there sidepanels! anway our gang slowly got smaller as wives, jobs and houses came along but as you all know it never leaves you it really doesnt, i had a vespa T5 for a while for travelling to and from work, i also found an SX150 in a scrap yard when going to get something for my car) which i purchased for next to nothing (this back in the days when you could) i was going to say i restored it but thats not true i did it up as cheaply as i could (money was tight then mortgage etc we all been there) this was early nineties, anyway fast forward to now, when visting a customer of the company i work for i noticed a lambretta frame sticking out from under the bench covered in dust, i said "oh you have a lambretta" he said he and another guy had purchased it with the intention of doing it up and selling it, i had to ask "wanna sell it" he said i have the frame legshields and some bits in boxes but make me an offer on the frame and legshields only" now we all know this could cost a fortune to source all the bits you need right? so i made him quite a mean bid thinking i would rather pay a lot more for a complete scooter than trying to find all the parts to make this one up, to my surprise he said yeah take it! then he produce box after box of parts! i was so so lucky all that was really missing was the front mudguard and side panels, in the boxes i had a complete engine, matching headset, horncast etc etc! (see lucky and like i said i talk too much) hi all!

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Wed Apr 01, 2020 12:16 am

WElcome DaveLA' plenty of advice available on here, you are in good hands 8-)


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Wed Apr 01, 2020 6:28 am

Great intro

Welcome to the mad house.

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Wed Apr 01, 2020 6:51 am

Nice one. Look forward to following the build

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Wed Apr 01, 2020 6:57 pm

Welcome .. zzzzzzzzz. only Joking ,love a story me .
win or lose have a booze

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Fri Apr 03, 2020 1:07 am

Welcome aboard
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Fri Apr 03, 2020 9:26 am

Great helpful forum this, welcome

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