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Mon Apr 16, 2018 7:57 am

I fitted a new external pick up and a new DC cdi and coil.......all working fine.
I decided to add my "Old" ac ignition as back up. Stator pick-up, LT coil and cdi.
The LT coil and pick-up had been left on the scooter and never touched, the wires simply disconnected.
CDI fitted and all wires connected.
I added a HT lead and suppressor cap to the "old" ac cdi, so if i wanted to swap systems over it was merely a question of pulling one suppressor cap off the spark plug and pushing the other on.

I initially started with the old ac joy starting scooter. I swapped over to my DC system..started 1st kick. tried with the ac again but no joy. I took the spark plug out to check for spark....couldn't see one. Out of interest i swapped back to DC and checked for spark again...still couldn't see a spark ?

This was all outside on my driveway. I wheeled the scooter into my garage, shut the doors, turned off lights (pitch black). Checked again for spark on both systems, still couldn't see a spark. Put plug back in....started 1st kick ? Found the reason for not starting on AC (broken wire on pick-up crimp). Checked again for spark, couldn't see one, but started ok ?

Basically, even in pitch black, i can't see a spark, but with either system (AC or DC) but it starts fine ?

Tried 3 plugs, one brand new, one well oiled and black.

Not a massive problem as the scooter starts and runs fine but any ideas why i can't see a spark ?

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