MotoVespa 150S

If you want to tell us about or ask about a standard spec or restoration it here.
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Sun Nov 16, 2014 1:39 pm

Blackhawk wrote:
coaster wrote:Have to agree, that is very pretty 8-)
It's pissed me off big style today. What a tw@t to install the wiring loom :(
Is the difficulty getting the loom threaded through the frame? If so I take it that using a piece of
fencing wire didn't work. Maplins sell a set of small screw together grp threading rods which might help too.
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Sun Nov 16, 2014 4:15 pm

The loom's always a tw@7 of a job.... never goes easy for me either - lots of swearing & skinned knuckles.
I use a piece of nylon chord from a strimmer to pull the main loom through the frame & a gear cable inner for the rear light tube usually works well too - with plenty of grease!
What you really need are long skinny arms & lots of patience.... I have neither thought. Lol...

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Sun Nov 16, 2014 9:40 pm

I tied nuts on the end of boot laces and dropped them down from the top of the frame and they came out in the body. The problem is there is a piece of metal welded across the frame tunnel with a small gap for the loom to run through. As the cables are bigger than the loom they snag and can't be pulled through easily. The trick was to use a steel ruler to press the cables down and keep them low. Worked a treat!

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Mon Dec 29, 2014 6:30 pm

Lovely Scooters the Motovespa 150S.Last one i built i gave to a local Spanish paint shop to do and asked him to fit a new floor at the same time for me.On collection he had done a top job and he told me he had also welded up a rust trap he had found inside the frame which was very kind of him and free of charge !!!.
Sadly he had welded up the frame strengther in which the cables and wiring loom passed through.
I can laugh now but was buggered why i couldnt get the cables through the frame.

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