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Fri Apr 29, 2011 6:49 am

We'll PM the link to Dan to pay the bet. That was fun.

Glad to see everyone here is as encouraging as our customers around the world about making new scooter products :-)


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Fri Apr 29, 2011 9:12 am

barking........................but entertaining Randall. Keep his account live I say; gives me a good laugh anyway
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Fri Apr 29, 2011 9:14 am

paulmgreen wrote:I share most of Seans opinions...... ScootRS do indeed produce some great products and have supported me with some assistance in parts for my race bike in the British Scooter Championship.... I declare that as i can't obviously be impartial in that respect.

What i can say is that I carry a ScootRS logo on my race bike and all the ScootRS products I have used and continue to use are of good quality and ScootRs were generous in donating some parts to me, and at least two other competitors in the BSSO Race series. i hope that this little episode will bring an end to the sniping and arguments ( both ways ). Randalls support of race competitors has to be acknowledged and is a good indicator of another side that is not always reflected on the forum.

Maybe I'm being cynical but perhaps the sponsership is due to the fact that everyday Randall has less places to advertise his wares.
Why he gets such even handed treatment on here is beyond me. I believe in looking after our own especially when they have done nothing wrong.
Take a look at his website or facebook page where he gets to spout whatever he likes with no right of reply.
He does this because he knows that any libel laws won't apply to him in Asia then has the cheek to hide behind the racism card.
Put it to the vote because I'm not the only one considering buggering off from here if he doesn't.

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Mon May 02, 2011 12:30 pm

Rich_T wrote:Well done! 3 axis CNC fan and a remachined flywheel, good job.

Isn't that nice to see.
Hi there. Sorry to intrude on what looks to be a heated - but interesting - debate.

I'm a bit confused and hope someone can help me: Richard, is the video posted by Randall of a CNC machine doing its job? I'm assuming that based on your answer above, it is. Second, is there any additional value, in terms of its effectiveness, in terms of having a part CNC-machined in the manner you describe, or "copy-milled"/3-axis CNC machined? In other words, will Randall's part work properly and do its job the way it's meant to?

The reason for asking is that, were I an ordinary punter needing an electronic kit for my D/LD, the second question in particular is what would interest me. Or am I still missing something?



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Mon May 02, 2011 10:06 pm

Good questions:

1. Yes, the video shows a 3 axis CNC machine cutting what would appear to be a 3D scan of the SIL fan which has been inverted to correct the blade profile to suit the rotation of the LD fan.

2. CNC machining is faster than copy mill, see below. What has been produced is absolutely fit for purpose, ie move air in the way required for the LD application (counter clockwise rotation).

“Copy mills” were the old way to produce multiple dies and patterns for industry. They can cut both identical and opposite hand parts depending on how the pattern is placed in relation to the stylus. Typically they would follow a pattern with a series of traversing cuts. The machine then repeats the process on the next depth. The machine is electro-mechanical usually with some hydraulics.

The result is very similar to what can be produced on a 3 axis CNC with a single tool and still needs a good deal of hand finishing to blend the machining “step overs” together. 3 axis CNC is much faster and has the advantage that it can perform “plunging” cuts in all three axis which reduces the “step over“ marks and the amount of finishing required; also tool path speeds can be changed.

The rough chronology of pattern machining goes along the lines of:

Circa industrial revolution – mid 1970’s, copy mill, in one form or another

Mid 1970’s – NC (Numerical control), program information manually entered & transferred to machine typically by tape. Machine movement is controlled, typically, with stepper motors.

Mid 1980’s – CNC- (computer, numerical, control). The program information being generated by computer. Transfer to machine by cable, tape or disc. Machine movement is controlled, typically, with servo motors.

The real significant changes from late 80’s and 90’s has been in CAD/CAM software and more recently (last 10 years) low cost 3D scanners.

My curiosity, in the first post, was how the part appeared to have all the radius edges and release angles of an original cast fan without step over/witness marks.

I hope that is helpful.

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Tue May 03, 2011 6:51 am

hi rich is that your 5 axis machine and engine case , if so one hek of a bit of programming and one kick ass machine , :lol:

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