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by HxPaul
Thu Jul 29, 2021 8:43 am
Forum: General Scooter Chat
Topic: E10
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Re: E10

Lambretta67 wrote:
Wed Jul 28, 2021 5:46 pm
Yep we have it in Newbury
we have it in Yorkshire
by HxPaul
Sat Jul 10, 2021 10:20 am
Forum: Lambretta Tech
Topic: Jetex SH2/22 Float Sticking?
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Re: Jetex SH2/22 Float Sticking?

They all do it at some time or other,what you need to do is remove the float and the pin that it is riding on.With the pin removed sometime the float swells up,so you need to put the pin in and see if it moves.sometimes the float will not move on the edges so you need to file/or sand paper the edges...
by HxPaul
Thu Jun 24, 2021 8:43 am
Forum: Lambretta Tech
Topic: Tips on rear brake cable
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Re: Tips on rear brake cable

I've just replaced my back brake cable.The trouble is that all the quick release cables are 21/2 mm, the original one is 3 mm, so I bought a complete cable from camlam.You have to bend the inner cable and fit the original wheel and spring.
by HxPaul
Sun May 30, 2021 8:17 am
Forum: Lambretta Tech
Topic: Fork Buffer Position
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Re: Fork Buffer Position

bristolmod wrote:
Tue Jan 27, 2009 9:55 pm
whenever I've rebuilt front ends, I've always fitted thick ones to the top AND the bottom (although this can be a struggle at times). This does appear to give a firmer set up IMO

by HxPaul
Fri Feb 19, 2021 9:25 am
Forum: General Scooter Chat
Topic: Oh I've had it.
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Re: Oh I've had it.

I once turned down a 1936 knucklehead (Harley) with the sidecar chassis.It was filthy and I could have had it for a matter of hundreds of £s.The same bike now brings £32,000,addmitedly(spelling) its in better condition with a respray,but still at £32,000.
by HxPaul
Tue Feb 16, 2021 9:42 am
Forum: Lambretta Tech
Topic: Li clutch actuator assembly
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Re: Li clutch actuator assembly

Shim.Then clutch actuator and then circlip.
by HxPaul
Mon Feb 01, 2021 9:59 am
Forum: Lambretta Tech
Topic: Giulari Seat Covers
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Re: Giulari Seat Covers

Bought a casa seat cover from buzzsolomoto in Halifax,it cost me a fortune,but you only buy once.He's got lots of seat covers and I suppose most of the dealers have.Shop around.
by HxPaul
Wed Jan 20, 2021 9:00 pm
Forum: Lambretta Tech
Topic: Two Stroke Oil
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Re: Two Stroke Oil

Toddy wrote:
Wed Jan 20, 2021 10:36 am
Groundsman rock oil +1
by HxPaul
Fri Jan 15, 2021 7:26 pm
Forum: Lambretta Tech
Topic: Gearbox locked after rebuild
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Re: Gearbox locked after rebuild

Might be the end of the kickstart shaft(The part where the piston goes in) catching the first gear and preventing it from turning. ... kstart.asp