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Tue Aug 11, 2015 5:03 pm
Forum: Lambretta Tech
Topic: remote air filter position
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Re: remote air filter position

Dale if you give me a call i have some new stock of on time remote Air filter systems!
Thu May 08, 2014 10:05 am
Forum: Tech FAQ
Topic: Franspeed Race
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Re: Franspeed Race

Hello Arborman It sounds like you have fitted a series 3 TSI Race to a series 2 scooter, the latter has more clearance at the rear and has a different mounting bracket. Regards Andy Francis.
Wed Jan 02, 2013 11:50 am
Forum: Lambretta Tech
Topic: Franspeed Race on a standard TS1 225
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Re: Franspeed Race on a standard TS1 225

Soulsurfer! Show me an exhaust that you can hit something with and not crack? 100's of my exhausts that have been fitted correctly do not crack. We supply and fit exhausts every day. If you have a problem with yours (I recall you buying one a couple of years ago) it's news to me, as you have never c...