Scawalbe Sportsman tyres

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Re: Scawalbe Sportsman tyres

Postby shaunmc » Fri Apr 21, 2017 11:09 am

Have you done a lot of riding in the wet on you're Scootsmarts.
The reason I ask is I've been using Scootsmarts for a couple of years and had no reason to doubt them until coming back from Cleethorpes last year, while riding a long slow bend (in heavy rain) the bike was snakin from side to side as if I had a puncture, correct tyre pressures in both tyres(pumped up before I set off), didn't fill me with confidence. But in the dry can't fault them, apart from low wear on rear tyre which is the same as any soft compound tyre. Just wondered if many other riders experienced similar problems in wet weather.
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